Our Services

Offering a wide range of bespoke services to support all our clients throughout their journey.


Offering legal support and assistance by working with a number of reputable law firms, who’s expertise and skill-set will ensure that there’s a quality assurance given throughout all legal departments. The handling of contracts and the surrounding legalities are often complex and by working alongside specialists in this area will provide the highest level of service to all our clients.


We provide feedback for players throughout their sports career. Co2 Sports Management provide a holistic support package offering advice around; tactical, physical, social and psychological advice.This area of support can be given in many forms, from 1-2-1 feedback, game analysis, performance reports or 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

Performance Psychology 

Co2 Sports Management, through an experienced and highly qualified team provide specialist support to individuals within sport. We work tirelessly to help you identify, realise and sustain your elite performance. We specialise on how athletes can enhance their performance, maximise their results and live out their visions.
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PR & Media

We have partnerships with a range of fantastic design networks who produce bespoke images and collaboration work to cater for clients needs, whether that be promoting individuals, on the field or throughout their personal lives. We also offer media training and digital platform management opportunities through the support and guidance of our team who have a wealth of experience in media appearance.


Providing commercial packages for professionals throughout a variety of different platforms from leading organisations throughout the globe. We have excellent relationships with global brands and are able to negotiate the best sponsorship opportunities for our clients.


Supporting our athletes in liaising with their employees on all levels. The relationship between player and organisations representatives is the most important relationship throughout any professional sport person’s career and the Co2 Sports consultants ensure this relationship is transparent and cohesive throughout every experience.


We operate as FA registered intermediaries on behalf of players, agents or football clubs that work alongside CO2 Sports to negotiate and complete the best possible deals for our clients. It is
essential that the true value our of clients is reflected in the contract. We specialise in advising on initial contract negotiations, transfers and the contractual implications in different scenarios.

Career Advice

Expert career advice from specialists who have been involved within professional sport at the highest level. We believe that every professional client should have a career pathway which is aligned and nurtured to their abilities but with input from the client to successfully enhance their career at every stage of the journey.


Transparent financial support from experts with a wealth of experience offering a unique service with a wider approach in providing; education, mentorship and advice. All services aligned to
supporting your long term financial position suited to each clients needs.